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The people behind The Great Harvest Ministries:


Brett Hennes


Noona Hennes


Matthew Feldner
Vice President


Ryan Fishburn

The Great Harvest Ministries is a Christian ministry established to fulfill the Great Commission by preaching the gospel to all creation through evangelistic events both large and small, making disciples through church planting, and aiding foreign missions by training, sending and funding missionaries.

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Noona Hennes

Noona was born in Mikkeli, Finland in 1989. She grew up in a small, humble, hard-working Finnish family. She enjoyed life as a child and lived in a nice, cozy, comfortable world. Drugs and clubs were not her passion but books and business instead. As a young girl, Noona excelled in school and blossomed into a beautiful young lady. After graduating from high school, she was offered a job as a model in Italy and an opportunity to attend one of Finland’s best universities. With the world at her fingertips and all the luxuries that go with it Noona began traveling and modeling at 18 years old, but shortly after found a deep void in her heart and soul, one that no amount of worldly pleasure or success could satisfy! She returned home to pursue a quieter, humble life and she went to university to study economics. But still, the void in her heart lingered. One day she sought some help from some of her Christian friends. They brought her to a worship service at the local Pentecostal church nearby. It was there during worship that Noona had her radical encounter with Jesus! He spoke to her heart & said 3 words that changed her life forever, ‘’YOU ARE MINE!’’ Immediately Noona felt all her sins cleansed & her heart was filled with the love of God.

Noona’s empty heart was now filled with God! But after living a short season of the common Christian life she found herself not being content with the ‘’status quo.’’ She hungered for more of God, she thirsted for righteousness. So one day while she prayed the Lord told her to stop her studies in school and go to Brazil to do a discipleship school in Recife, Brazil. The enemy fiercely tried to stop her at every turn from going but Noona would have none of it! She too surrendered her life to God and took a leap of faith! From the moment she landed in Brazil, her life was radically changed into an on-fire follower of Jesus! It was there in Brazil that the status quo died, and she found her calling, purpose, and new life in Christ! It was also there that she met her now husband and faithful friend Brett. Today Noona is a sincere sold-out Christ follower, a woman of pure faith, and a lover of God’s presence. She is a passionate and faithful servant of God with a tenderness towards others. Noona is a wonderful wife and marvelous mom. Also, she speaks 6 languages fluently and did not only got her bachelor’s but has accomplished her master’s degree in financial administration!

…About one year later while Brett was worshipping the Lord he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received a calling from God to become a minister of the gospel. He immediately became a bold witness and began serving at a local Calvary Chapel nearby. For 10 years he was trained, discipled, disciplined, and served as a deacon and youth minister until in 2010 the Lord spoke to him again and told him to leave everything, his father, family, and country and go to the Amazon of Brazil to serve as a missionary. Then after 2 years of preparation in 2012 Brett surrendered his life to serve the King of kings and moved to Brazil. It was there in total surrender and in the Amazon Jungles of Brazil that the Lord then revealed His true purpose, plan, and earthly mission to Brett. It was not serve a single unreached people group in the Amazon, but to become a minister to the nations! Once he received his NEW mission he partnered with YWAM to further his ministry training & get connected to the nations. It was there, after surrendering his life to God’s call on his life, that he met his lovely wife, best friend, and partner in the gospel. After finishing his training school Brett returned to the Amazon Jungles for one year, has ministered in 7 unreached communities, has helped plant churches, been to every continent on earth(minus Antarctica), and has preach the gospel to many in almost 30 nations across the globe. Today Brett is a faithful father, loving husband, a man of prayer, a powerful preacher, and more passionate about His Savior Jesus than ever before!


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