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Many Are Healed & Respond To The Gospel

THE GODnews, October, 2017

Mission Update and Prayer Request

To the beloved of Christ,


What is happening here on the frontlines is AMAZING! Truly our God is an awesome and He is doing great things daily all across the world. I encourage you to encourage yourself in the Lord by broadening your spiritual horizon & read testimonies of what God is doing globally. I will do my best to summarize what has been happening herein Brazil thus far. So this year I have been honored to teach at 4 YWAM (Youth With a Mission) training schools. Noona and I have been discipling people in our community & we have been actively sharing the gospel…and sinners are getting saved! But lately, we have been experiencing some serious spiritual breakthroughs and witnessing something I can only say is from ‘’God.’’ Although we are all on level ground at the foot of the cross, understand these people who have been getting saved are not your average sinner, Let me explain…Just in the last couple weeks, we have seen God shine light into the darkest darkness, save sinners, heal the sick, and deliver those with demonic spirits. And lately we have experienced Gods power & presence like never before as drunkards, drug dealers & even murderers have been coming to Christ! God has been adding MANY new people into the family of God! Below is just one of those GOD stories.

On October 1st just a few weeks ago I was invited to preach the gospel at an outdoor evangelistic service. There were a couple hundred people present at the opening & many people passing by listening. Truly something Heavenly happened that night as 2 young people came forward from the crowd to receive Christ after the gospel was preached. But wait it gets better! One of them was a young man(who without us knowing it was demon-possessed!)We found out afterward he had terrible gashes across his forearms & had tried to commit suicide numerous times! After he said the “sinners prayer,” I told him, “today the heavenly Father has become your Father’’, then I said to him, ‘’The Lord says “YOU ARE MINE”, when I said this no one touched him nor did I, and he just dropped to the floor as a dead man. At first, we were confused why, but then he began twisting, turning & “flipping” in ways that are not humanly possible. We then realized he was not ‘’slain by the Spirit’’ but suffering from an evil spirit…the crowd went silent & my translator & I began rebuking the demon, the young man went calm & then was taken inside the church where he was set free by the power of God! I turned to the now hundreds gathered as they all looked on scared, silent, confused, etc. and I said “DO NOT BE CONFUSED” what you just saw was the power of the devil being broken by the power of God! When Satan has a hold on someone he does not let go easily, BUT God has set this young man free! The crowd then erupted in worship, I gave one more call to the altar, but this time about 50~60 people came forward at once! Then we witnessed what I can only describe as an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Biblical proportions. Lame people began to walk! Legitimate miracles took place, numerous people were touched by God & filled with Gods Spirit, drunkards fell on their faces & cried out to God in tears & it was a moment that I will never forget nor will anyone who was present & it is a day in which I give God all the glory!


In the book of Revelation 3 verse 8, our Lord Jesus Christ gave His church a message,”Behold I set before you an open door, which no one can close.” Church, I sometimes wonder if we really truly believed our own confessions, if we really truly trusted in the Holy Scriptures we so treasure & even often teach, what would our life look like? If we really understand how good God is? How almighty is He? How awesome, powerful, loving, merciful & READY & WILLING TO SAVE, DELIVER & HEAL!? I know that we confess these things, I know we even claim to believe them but what if these truths became not just our theology but our REALITY also, how would we live?

I know many times in my past although I claimed to believe these truths about God when He said, “GO Brett, GO, my son, I have opened a door for you and nothing can stop you…GO share my glorious gospel, heal the sick, stomp the serpents & proclaim My Name, GO and I will be with you”, but in fear I hesitated, in my flesh I froze, I doubted the power & presence of God was truly with me and that He was able to ALL things, then the door was closed and the opportunity was lost. I say this church not as condemnation but as an encouragement to trust & OBEY the great King! I say this in hope to inspire real Christianity in you, so where are you? Is Christ truly in you? Is the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from death alive in you? If so, where is the fruit of that? Church, I am confident 100percent that these stories~testimonies are not for the ‘’missionaries~evangelists.’’ Surely we may encounter more of this but I believe every believer is called & chosen by God for such a time as this! I have NO special anointing, we share in the SAME Spirit! Gods that if you are truly His! So how is your walk with God? Are you clouded in doubt, fear, and defeat? Do you know, believe, and live with the confidence that you too were born for such a time as this & that God has chosen you? So will you take the Fathers hand by faith and let Him take you out into the deep? Church will you hear the call of Christ to all His church to get off the bench and into the trench? Are you ashamed of the gospel? In His glorious name are you willing to follow Jesus no matter what the cost? He is looking for a few good men and women, and right now His eyes are upon!

In closing dear saints, time is short & so is your life. It is a vapor that is here today & gone tomorrow. So may we use our God-given time on earth to glorify God in all we say & do. And to Him be all the honor & glory, Amen.

To love Christ & make Him known, preaching the gospel to all creation & encouraging the church in world missions, until He returns or calls me home

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